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The Great Pudding Debate

Have you and your friends/family quarreled over which version of a product on the market today is better?  It would be harder to imagine not having the occasional tiff than not with the multitude of versions of food products out there.  Such a debate sucked me in recently.

I can take or leave a store bought instant pudding mix any day.  They never seem to sit on the palate as well as the original thing.  However I do not always want to play around with heating milk – or dealing with my old, occasionally temperamental friend – chocolate, as this occasion would have required.

To once and for all settle the instant chocolate pudding debate it was decided upon that three brands would be purchased.  Using the same carton of milk and blind taste testing system a group of us would taste and rate the pudding on several categories, finally tallying up the results and arriving at a designated winner.

The three puddings chosen were Jell-O, Royal, and Wal-Mart’s Great Value.  We purchase a brand new bottle of milk and returned home for the testing. 

To secure the test so no one knew what pudding was being eaten at any time the following measures were taken;

         One of us went into a room, opened up the packages and numbered the envelopes with the number 1, 2, or 3. 

After the envelopes were returned this person again left the room and another individual not knowing which number belonged to what product opened the envelopes and emptied them into an identical container which was marked A, B, or C – and then tapped the envelope number side up so no one could see the number.

         The pudding was mixed in front of all so that everyone could rate the ease of preparation factor (since it was instant pudding we thought this to be an important factor).


         Next the pudding was allowed to set and cool in the refrigerator while we made up ballots.


         The pudding was brought to the table and were judged from 1-10 on the following;

1.      Ease of Preparation

2.      Overall Taste

3.      Overall Look/Color of Product

4.      Texture

5.      Smell

6.      Finally we guessed which brand the pudding was

         After the tasting was done each ballot was tallied and then combined to come up with the following results.

Pudding B received the highest (averaged) score with a 38

Pudding A came in second with a (averaged) score of 25

Pudding B came in third with a (averaged) score of 23

We all guessed that pudding A was the generic Wal-Mart brand.  Most of us were wrong, however on which was Royal and which were Jell-O brand. 

                        Pudding B was Royal

                        Pudding A was Wal-Mart (a real surprise to us all)

                        Pudding C was Jell-O

The Wal-Mart pudding was a surprise to us because none of us picked it as our favorite in any category except ease of use.  It blended together the quickest and set up the fastest garnering high numbers from all.  The overall taste was sweet with no real discernable chocolate flavor.  We wondered if we thought it was “chocolately” because we knew it was supposed to taste that way.  The color was found to be a very plain and flat brown, but it was rated high in texture with creamy being a defining adjective used.

The Jell-O pudding after looking at the math came in last right behind the Wal-Mart based on its preparation issues.  It took the longest to come together of all three, and since we were basing it on the “instant-ness” of the product it rated low on all ballots.  However we believe that the extra whisking was a reason for the high numbers in texture with velvety being one of the adjectives used to describe it.  The taste seemed to be where most people veered – you either loved it or did not.  Some said it was a perfect blend of the sweet mixing with coco powder, hitting your tongue at the same time – while others felt that it was overall to strong with the coco powder and had the flavor of chocolate syrup right from the bottle.

The Royal pudding won out because it could be viewed as easy to use falling in between the two in preparation speed – most likely also helping it with its texture that was described as silky.  It was received the best in color and overall look by having a warm red tone mixed in.  With flavor it seemed to be as split as the Jell-O only this time between people who enjoyed the mix of sweetness and coco powder and those who thought it was slightly too sweet.

In the end did this end the great debate?

Well you could say that. 

You see we each now know what our favorite instant chocolate pudding is and trust me we all enjoyed the pudding we liked best.

Yet I’m sure that soon enough we’ll be trying to win each other over to “our” side of the pudding debate.

What was my overall pick?

Jell-O, and no matter what anyone says I’m sticking to it!

We all enjoyed this so much that we want to make it a regular event.  So if you have any thoughts on food you want taste tested let me know.