All About Me and My History of Food

I grew up loving food.  Absolutely everything involved from the food prep to actual consumption fascinated me.  It still does.

This was fostered by my mother’s love for cooking.  I grew up not far from Johnson and Whales College ( NowUniversity) where my mother began taking classes on the weekends while I was five or so and while she studied and hard and graduated with a degree in Food Science more of my memories are wrapped around her cooking at home.

Julia Child is the first person I remember hearing the word Chef in reference too.  For a short time (until Jacques Pepin, Pierre Franey, and others) I thought this was an exclusive adjective for her.  I would sit on the floor next to my mother’s brown chair and watch as she painstakingly wrote down the recipes we watched these chefs create on yellow legal paper for her to try her hand at later.  If I look through her cook books I guarantee that I would find some faded recipes from the eighties.

My fist job in the kitchen was staying busy and out of my mother’s hair.  To provide me some accessories my mother would supply me with a small sauce pot, wooden spoon, and an unopened can of tuna.  I would sit on the laminated floor and conduct my cooking show.  By the time my mother was done with her one meal I had several episodes in the can!

As I grew my mother learned that I could be taught to be an efficient prep help.  I was taught proper knife skills and thus became my love for disassembling products.  I enjoy the controlled chaos of it – taking a yellow pepper and slicing into it with a battle plan to remove the unnecessary ribs, and to shape into uniform dice. 

Moving from kitchen prep work my first culinary masterpiece was mac and cheese with tuna fish and peas mixed in.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the dish but my grandmother loved it and my mother was comfortable with me making it away from her watchful eyes.   

Now I had developed a true love for cooking.  I love to be able to create a dish based on a mood I’m in or to recall a memory from my youth through the smells and tastes no matter where I am.  I cook everyday.  I tend toward simple foods for myself because I get to experiment through my job as a personal chef for my client Amanda. 

I’m very excited to share my food and love for food with you here – please share with me.


One response to “All About Me and My History of Food

  1. That’s so cool that you’re a personal chef 🙂 I do love cooking for other people but I’m not sure if I could handle the pressure if it was an official job.

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